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With the experience of over three decades in loans provision, Ngern Tid Lor has firmly established itself as the leader in the microcredit sector, and has become much more than just a loan provider. Our mission, to make fund sourcing faster, simpler and more approachable, has helped over 340,000   recipients to achieve peace of mind and the hope of a better future.
Our customers are typically people on low incomes - perhaps with a bad or no credit history - who need a quick and simple means to borrow money but have difficulty obtaining credit through more traditional sources. As the leading auto-for-cash loan provider, we pride ourselves on a no-nonsense, personable approach to providing reliable cash loans. We combine the professionalism and stature of institutional banking with the speed and reach of informal lending.
With over 600 branches nationwide, we are highly accessible to all. In each of our branches, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always eager to help.
The company is also a non-life insurance broker with the biggest branch network in Thailand. Through an extensive branch network, Ngern Tid Lor offers a wide range of products from personal accident to motor vehicle insurance, all at highly competitive prices. We analyze and carefully select our products from Thailand’s top insurance companies to ensure the best possible value for our customers.
As a subsidiary of the Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited, and of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (the largest group of financial institutions in Japan and one of the largest finance groups in the world), Ngern Tid Lor offers the security, stability and the high standards you would expect from such renowned institutions. With this support and supervision, we are confident in our ability to offer products and services of the highest quality.



With company values that are based on high standards, transparency and a positive approach to finding solutions we offer a very real alternative to less legitimate financial solutions. Our aim is to enrich the quality of life for the people of Thailand, by providing financial assistance and insurance cover through a range of products and services that they may find difficult to come by elsewhere. We firmly believe that uncomplicated access to micro-finance, together with financial education, helps in the battle against poverty and in the long term development of the country’s economy.


“At Ngern Tid Lor, in everything we do, we strive to empower people and enrich lives. We believe that access to fair, transparent, and responsible financial services is everyone's right.”
“We deliver financial betterment by offering relevant products and services that are simple to understand, convenient, and fast through our committed employees.”



Ngern Tid Lor Core values
Sustainable impact by creating opportunities
We are a company that cares. Our role in the grand scheme of things is to create opportunities for our employees, our customers, our partners, and others in society to have a chance at sustainable success.

Sense of Ownership with Gratitude
We have always been a company led by employees who care about the company. Our sense of ownership makes us passionate about delivering value to our clients because we believe that if they succeed, so will we.

Candid teamwork
We recognize the importance of providing feedback candidly. No individual or unit is bigger than the company, or the team. When we win as a group, the rewards are greater and the victory sweeter.

Serve with integrity, informality, and authenticity
When everyone behaves with integrity, we create an environment of trust. We serve our customers with friendly authenticity. We aim to ease their apprehensions quickly, help them overcome the difficult times in lives, and achieve financial independence.

Thirst for wisdom and self-development
We seek to understand and apply knowledge advantageously so that we can develop wisdom. As our understanding of our area of expertise grows, we will be less fearful of innovation, and able to develop superior products and services for our customers.

Experiment to lead change
We do more than just survive change, we drive it and thrive because of it. We are unafraid of taking calculated risks, in fact, we encourage learning through mistakes.

Work Smart, Party Hard
Ensuring that we execute well to remain a successful, healthy, growing organization requires a ton of effort and dedication. Lucky for us, we are passionate about creating opportunities for others, and that's why we don't mind going the extra mile. 


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