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Ngern Tid Lor - Success from the Organization’s Determination

Ngern Tid Lor - Success from the Organization’s Determination
In the world of business, making profits may not be the only business operating method that brings results in the long run. Management team of Ngern Tid Lor consisting of Mr. Bernard Tso, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development Department, Ms. Athitaya Phoonwathu, Executive Vice President in HR Department and Insurance Broker Department and Mr. Thitided Srimarayat, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, foresaw the importance of sustainable business operation. They have come up with the idea to develop the community alongside with operating its business plan. The following 7 core values are considered the core of the business operations;
  1. Sustainable Impact by Creating Opportunities
  2. Sense of Ownership with Gratitude
  3. Candid Teamwork
  4. Serve with Integrity, Informality, and Authenticity
  5. Thirst for Wisdom and Self-Development
  6. Experiment to Lead Change
  7. Work Smart, Party Hard
These 7 core values of NTL are not just pretty words, they were circulated to the employees at all levels, from the executives and middle-levels to the branch staff. NTL distributes these values by building internal intimacy and approachability, encouraging new ideas across departments, which would make an overall image clearer than sitting in their own cubicles.

When there’s an intimacy and understanding in the corporate goals within the company, passing on the 7 core values of NTL for the employees to start thinking, doing, and learning new things becomes easier. Once everybody in the company understands, the change in giving out loans, which may look complicated from the outside, becomes simpler, and everyone who needs funds to keep the wheels turning, can keep on rolling.